Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to sharpen your paper punch.

Blog post from me are going to be off and on in for the next month.... because I am getting married!We have actually been engaged for over a year but like all things, I have been procrastinating on getting things ready for the wedding.

We are having a japanese style wedding, and  cherry blossoms are the theme.   To decorate I have been cutting out a bazillion paper blossoms to decorate things with.  I am so happy with the paper punches I got.  The paper blossoms look super cute and they are consistently the same shape, not to mention the time saved if I had decided to cut each one out by hand.  However at this point my paper punches are getting really dull.  I am having to push harder and harder to get them to punch out anything.

My saving grace.  Aluminum foil.

You simply fold aluminum foil until it is 2-3 layers deep, and punch away.  It sharpens your paper punch, so you can keep on making a bazillion cherry blossoms.


  1. Cool idea! I have to tell my 'scrappy' Mom about this :)

  2. Congratulations and Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding! Thank you for sharing this tip at the HomeAcre Hop. We'd love to have you back tomorrow if you have time in all the midst of your wedding prep:

    1. Thank you so much for inviting me back. I love the HomeAcre Hop. I find so many interesting and cool ideas to try out.

  3. THIS I have to try! My paper punch is sooooo old & sooooo hard to operate any more. Thanks!