Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adding a Pour Spout to Your Mason Jar Salt

Today's project!

I am a pinterest addict.  I love jumping head first into a new DIY  project I find on there all the time.  To my dismay I often find that my totally amazing project is anything but.

Today I got lucky!  With a few alterations the project worked beautifully, and looks awesome.

Original Project

How to add a pour spout to your mason jar container.

You may ask, why I would even keep my salt in a mason jar instead of a cardboard tub.  First I buy most of my salt in bulk, so it doesn't come pre-packaged. Second after too many experiences in college finding bugs in my cabinets I am fanatical about proper food storage.    Third it just looks pretty!

Items Needed

  • Old salt container
  • Mason jar
  • knife
  • Label  found   HERE   
  • scissors
  • glue
  • sharpie or pen
See the closed spout? That's bad!

First cut off the lid of the salt container.  I learned the hard way it is best to have the pour spout open when cutting so you don't bang it up. It was still usable but the second time was easier with it open.

From there you can just put it on your jar and screw it in place.  However, I like things too look good so I added labels.
Pretty stuff!

Print and cut out your labels.  Label them as needed.  Sketch out where your pour spout will go.

Cut out the section for the pour spout.

Glue your label into place.

All done.

Hopefully you will be better then I was at getting it centered.

All together it took me 15 minutes to do both jars.  I cheated a little and already had the labels printed and cut out.  I have a stack I keep in drawer for labeling new stuff.  Altogether this pin, was a total win!

Side view.

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