Monday, July 9, 2012

Product Review -SunButter

Recently I have developed an allergy to peanuts.  Growing up with food allergies adding another allergy isn't too surprising.  Peanuts are no surprise considering I have been sensitive to tree nuts for a while.
However nut allergy's just stink!  Nuts are in everything and going with out my PB and J this winter was hard. Someone recommended that I try sunbutter as an alternative, and wow its awesome!

Positive- It's good for multiple types of allergies.  It is nut and gluten free, made in a factory free from those allergens.  It's safe for people with extreme allergy's to have.  My sister has celiacs, so I always try to keep some good gluten free items around.

Difficulty - I tried the creamy one, it takes a bit to stir the oil back into the product but if you ever have natural peanut butter you should be used to it.

Taste -  its awesome, very smooth and creamy.  It is sweeter then I would like but it does have a very nutty taste that I crave.

Cost- it is more expensive then regular peanut butter.  Around $5, however considering most specially made allergy foods, this is a steal.  I was able to find it at my kroger store so  it isn't too difficult to find.

Altogether this product gets a 5/5 from me.

Here is their website with more information SunButter

Here it is a 6 pack from amazon. Link

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