Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Years Resolutions

The new year is always an excellent time to make resolutions, and like most people I have made quite a few. Each year I like to pick a theme to my resolutions.  Last year was Green.  I switched out most of my personal products for greener healthier alternatives.  I switched most of my cleaning products to greener products and have learned how to do things to lessen my waste in the environment.

This year's is to worry less and do more.  Doesn't it seem that some times we want things to be perfect, that we never actually do them because we are unable to make them perfect.  I know this is something I have always struggled with but I really want to just do things this year.  I haven't gone camping in two years because I don't have all the right gear.  I haven't been posting on this blog because I feel like the posts I have started to write aren't perfect.

Working out has been one of those things, if I can't spend an hour on the treadmill with another hour lifting weights I feel like a failure, so in turn I just don't go to the gym.  I mean who has several hours to blow at the gym.  Not me.  The last two weeks I have gone walking about 30 min on my lunch breaks, and tried to eat healthier,  and for all my hard work I have lost 3 pounds.  It is amazing, just a little effort and I am reaping so much reward.  Plus after my lunches I feel so much more rejuvenated.  I am a vet tech at a veterinary hospital, a very stressful job. When you stay and eat lunch in the break room you are often interrupted with questions and doctors running around, or you can hear dogs barking non-stop.  When you can get away, you come back in a much better state of mind.

I am also resolved to do more with my faith.  I am a pagan which is a fancy way of saying that I have no real set religion or dogma but I do feel a spirituality closeness with the earth.  I am open about my faith for those who ask but I really don't advertise and often go out of my way to make sure it doesn't come up.  Since I left college, and my group of friends who were also pagan I have left more and more of my religion out of my life.  I have been so afraid of people finding out, and judging me.  I also been striving too much for perfection.  The few groups I have looked at down here, have not met my perfectionist ideals so I never went. While I well be out of town for Imbolc, the next big pagan holiday, I am town for Beltane   So my resolution is to at least one groups Beltane and have fun, relax, and just enjoy myself.

This is a great year for this motto since in June I am getting married. Nothing screams bridezilla more then a perfectionist.   Hopefully I will have enough practice by the time June rolls around.

Anybody else have any great new years resolutions?

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