Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Frugal Beauty Tips

This winter has been so incredible dry.  My skin has been itching non-stop.  So I made some sugar scrub, my skin feels amazing, and I smell great.  The best part is I am using up some of the endless Christmas soaps. 

Every Christmas I get soap, body wash  and other things I never end up using.   Most of the time they hide in the back of the bathroom cabinet and never see the light of day.  This actually encourages me to use them up.
Body wash I wont use by itself

Have some sort of container to hold your scrub.  I have tried mason jars in the past, and they look great, but they rust and it gets gross really quick.  I just use a jar I had some bath salts in. (another Christmas gift)

Get some sugar and an oil.  I like a mix of coconut oil and olive oil. 

2 tablespoons of your body wash
1/2 cup oils
1 cup sugar

Mix together in the container you well be keeping it in.  I use a chopstick to stir, and ta da you have an amazing sugar scrub from stuff around your house.  Beautiful and frugal, my favorite words 

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