Monday, February 11, 2013

National Western Stock Show

Every year I go to the Nation Western Stock Show and it is a blast.  They always have amazing shows, from mutton busting, PPR, the Westernaires, and much much more.  I try to catch something different every year. We also wander around and see all the sites, from sheep, alpacas, chickens, peahens.  They have almost every kind of live stock you can imagine.   
A four horned sheep, I have no idea what kind it was. 
  This year we caught the intermediary herding dog trials.  There were some amazing dogs out there.  Some pretty awesome people too.  I love getting to see the bond between working animals and their humans.  When dogs have a job to do they just love it. 
Moving the sheep around the arena

The last thing they had to do was put them up in the pen. 

Almost all in. 

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