Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Make a Door Snake

All I want to do is get my seeds in the ground, but I am glad I have only planted the potatoes and onions  We are in a blizzard warning for tomorrow.   Still a pain that I have to drag them inside, but its one of the things you learn to do, when gardening in an apartment.

The storm is already terrible windy and I can feel the heat just zipping out through the cracks in the door.  If we owned the place I would be replacing the door or siding so it fits better.  However we rent, so we adapt.

Have you ever heard of a door snake?  It's a long bean bag that sits next to your door to prevent drafts.
How to make a door snake.

First cut out a long rectangle.  It needs to be at least 1 inch longer than the length of your door.  Mine is 45 inches by 10.

Sew the two longer edges together.  You will be making a hot dog shape.

Sew one end shut.

Fill with rice, or dried beans.  I have a giant tub of rice, that only after I purchased it did I realize it was the wrong kind, and I don't like the taste of it.  So in it goes.  I used about 10 cups.  If you have a wide mouth funnel, use it!!! It makes it so much easier.  If not a regular funnel will work, it will just be slow going,  Leave about 5 inches of space.  You want some space for the last part.

Sew closed the end you filled it up with.  If you want you can call it done. I just like the ends to match so I went a step further.

Push down your seam, inside your snake like so.

Using a needle and thread do an invisible stitch. The seam you already did holds the rice inside.  This is just for aesthetics. 

You are done.  Stay warm, for those of you stuck in this weather.

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