Monday, August 19, 2013


My home is an unmitigated disaster.    I haven't blogged in several weeks, the dishes are terrible and we ate out almost every night in the last week.  I am so sick of it. 

I switched from working full time to only doing relief work.  For two weeks I was only working a few days a week and my home sparkled.  Two weeks I worked Thursday and Friday and came down with a cold Saturday which I couldn't shake.  I worked full time all of last week and the house turned from a thing of beauty to a nightmare.  Added to the confusion the in-laws have moved into town into a much smaller apartment and have given us a lot of stuff.   I am so sick of putting out fires.  I spent  an hour this morning cleaning up the bedroom.  An hour for just one room!  This has got to stop.

I am trying the Flylady cleaning schedule.  She slowly weans you to cleaning everyday. In the past I have tried to do a little cleaning every day, but my perfectionist nature takes over.  I end up spending several hours cleaning and am too exhausted the next day to even think of it.    
Must clean everything!

Meh netflix is looking pretty good right now. 
I love her saying; housework done improperly is a blessing for your home.    Flylady has you slowly add a little more onto your plate each day so you don't become overwhelmed.
You start with just cleaning your sink every day. 

I LOVE this idea.  The dirty dishes are always piling up, I look at them and know I have to do them before I can start on dinner and put it off to the point that we eat out.  Eating out is a terrible waste of money. 

So all that being said I cleaned my sink today. Sounds pretty easy but It took me half an hour to do the dishes just so I could clean the sink. Now I have a dishwasher running and a sparkling sink.  Once it's done hopefully it well be smooth sailing from here on out.   I can't wait for day 2.

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