Sunday, May 26, 2013

Garden update

Well we are racing strait from snowy winter days into summer.  It's been very hot, with thunder storms in the afternoons, which honestly I love.  The "garden" is doing fantastic.  Can I really call it a garden when it is a giant collection of potted plants?  Oh well I will anyway.
Despite weathering multiple snowstorms outside the potatoes are looking fantastic.  I planted Purple Peruvian, and I can't wait to see them grow. 

The green onions have been transplanted and are thriving outside. 

While the basil had the best roots out of all the plants I put outside, they haven't been too happy since being transplanted.  I am really hopeful they take off soon anyway. I want to make pesto this summer.

I transplanted my tomato plants in my knock off topsy turvy containers   I have some green onions on the top part. 

And I planted one tomato in a regular pot.  I am really hopeful that these year I get a good crop.  We got maybe 15 tomatoes from 4 plants last year.  I keep playing with them hoping to find a better way to grow them on the balcony. 

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