Thursday, June 13, 2013

I am back, and a rant

Well, after taking a few weeks off for my wedding and honeymoon I am back.  Lots of great things to post on.  I can't believe what an amazing time I had.  All the chaos and prep work for the wedding, was completely worth it for the moment I saw his eyes as I walked down the aisle.

After an amazing honeymoon in the mountains, we returned, only to find the biggest down side of renting.  You have no say in what happens. We live on the first floor, and they sprayed nasty weed killer all around my patio, where I keep my garden.  I have to walk over it every time I take the dog out to walk, which is minimum 5 times a day.  I could just scream.  I try so hard to keep my garden healthy and organic for us... and this happens.

Off I go to talk to the office.

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